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Bellflower Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts

Are you looking for a way to get your tile and grout counter tops, floors, and walls clean, and looking new again? Are you frustrated with your lack of success in trying to get that grimy, blackened look out of your grout? If you are, then Bellflower Expert Carpet Cleaning has good news for you!

Our company has been proudly serving the local Bellflower, California metro region since 2003. With hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers, Bellflower Carpet Cleaning Experts knows just how important having clean tile and grout really is. After all, everyone likes to make good first impressions. We all know the benefits of having a clean surface to cook and walk on.

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Our tile and grout cleaning service technicians have the training and experience needed to get your tile and grout the very cleanest it has been since it was first installed. We use advanced, and up to date cleaning equipment and methods to safely and effectively clean your grout lines down to the very pores. We use eco-friendly, and non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for family, pets, guests and patrons as well. We provide this cleaning service for residential and commercial clients alike and best of all – we are affordable!

Q: How come the more I scrub my tile and grout, the dirtier and more blackened it becomes?

A: Just know that this is not your fault. Your grout is made from a very porous substance that will rapidly absorb most materials that it comes into contact with. This includes soap scum, pet urine, food particles, oil, grease, coffee, juices, detergents, and much more. Naturally these grout lines become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Your glazed ceramic tiles are already sealed over (the glazing) so they are easy to clean. The sealing on your grout lines has never been applied, or has since worn off; leaving the pores open to start absorbing whatever it comes into contact with.

Q: Do you re-seal my grout after cleaning it?

A: Yes. Bellflower Carpet Cleaning Experts will first clean your tile and grout expertly. Then a new sealant will be applied. This will assist you for years to come by keeping your grout easier to clean and maintain. While our cleaning technicians are at your location, we will show you simple but effective ways to get, and keep your tile and grout clean in the future. This service alone will save you money, time and lots of needless frustration.

Q: I love what I am reading! What’s my next step?

A: Simply call Bellflower Carpet Cleaning Experts and get a free, no obligation price quote. When you call us, we will answer any other questions you may have for us. We offer great pricing, outstanding workmanship, and appointments that work with your busy lifestyle and schedule. Call us today, and start enjoying clean, and showroom fresh tile and grout again!

Call Now: (562) 287-5198

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