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Relaxing, eating, and working on upholstered furniture is a way of life for those of us living in Southern California. We ride to work in upholstered car seating, we sleep on comfortable upholstered bedding, we lounge by the pool on upholstered lawn and patio furniture, even our pets sleep and relax on their upholstered pet beds.

To most people, cleaning their upholstered furniture consists of blotting up spills, and maybe vacuuming food particles or dust. While these are good examples to follow, they don’t get your upholstered furniture deep down clean and fresh.

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Why is professional upholstery cleaning so important? Consider what is living and thriving deep inside your upholstered furniture fibers and cushions:

  • Pollen
  • Allergens
  • Bacteria
  • Mold spores and mildew
  • Insect larvae
  • Pet and human dander
  • Dust mites by the millions
  • Drywall dust
  • Cooking vapors, oil, and grease
  • Cigarette smoke and ashes
  • Dust and dirt
  • Spilled liquids like coffee, alcohol, juice
  • Food particles
  • Body fluids like blood, urine, sweat
  • and many other similar contaminants

Q: What are the dangers of living with dirty upholstered furniture?

A: While some people (and pets) develop flu-like symptoms, others do not. Reactions can vary per individual, but common side effects of having pollutants in upholstered furniture include coughing, sneezing,
headaches, itchy skin, watery eyes, and body aches. Many people feel “run down” but attribute it to the latest bug going around. Of course children and elderly can be more at risk due to their lower immune systems. For those already suffering from asthma, or allergies, their already present symptoms can worsen significantly.

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Q: How can Bellflower Expert Carpet Cleaning remove these pollutants from my furniture?

A: Our well-experienced company uses different cleaning methods for your upholstered furniture pieces. A rare antique, or a little used formal living room sofa will probably get a different regimen than often used patio furniture, or a the dog’s bed. Most of our cleaning methods involve the use of steam cleaning, dry foam cleaning, and hot water extraction. We also use high-powered suction, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get your residential and commercial furniture pieces their very cleanest and freshest.

Q: Does your company mainly clean furniture with cushions and pillows?

A: Bellflower Carpet Cleaning Experts cleans any upholstered furniture including those with pillows, cushions and fabric covers. Examples include:

  • Car seating
  • Bed mattresses
  • Pet bedding
  • Sofas, recliners, chaise lounges
  • Futon mattresses
  • Bed pillows, throw pillows, and floor pillows
  • Footstools
  • Bar stools and dining room chairs
  • Theater and home theater seats
  • Waiting room and office chairs and seating

Bring clean and healthy living to your home or commercial location with a fresh, upholstery cleaning from Bellflower Carpet Cleaning Experts. We offer affordable pricing, and no-cost estimates. Try us out and see for yourself!

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